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  • Blowfly Sander

    Blowfly Sander


    The Australian made and designed “Blowfly Sander” is one of the most easy to use flap sanders available. Easy to attach sanding papers, once attached to the metal bars turns your drill into a sander that can sand any shape or surface. Industrial scouring pads can also be used for greater versatility. Great for removing rust, cracked paint, old varnish, burnishing, fine detail sanding etc.

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  • Spider Sander

    Spider Sander


    The Australian made and designed Spider Sander replaces a disk sander, it is more useful because it will follow any flat or shaped surface with little effort. With its many fingers of separate sanding papers or scouring pads, it gets into concave, convex, rough or flat surfaces, great for all those renovating or restoring jobs. The fingers of sanding paper or industrial scouring pads can be changed easy with the quick release retaining bars.

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  • Wasp Sander

    Wasp Sander MK3


    The Australian made and designed Wasp Sander is Australia’s most versatile Belt Sander. The sander can be attached to any drill press. By using your drill press you can alter the speed of your belt sander to suit different jobs. These jobs can include a Polisher, Sander, Drill Sharpener, Shaper, for those hard to shape objects like chair legs etc, or a Drum Sander.

    The Wasp Sander uses a standard belt sander which can be purchase at any Hardware Store.

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