Furniture Repair

Furniture restoration can be a very delicate procedure or just hard work depending on the type of repair/restoration. Amongst the most common general purpose tools you will need is a bench vice and possibly a panel clamp and turning centres depending on the types of repair being done.

The most common furniture repairs usually involve legs, doors or draws of an item since they tend to suffer from the most wear and tear. Table tops are another. In fact I’m due to do a table top repair and full restoration shortly after I finish writing this document. The table is old but not quite antique and has a very nice inlaid wood laminate finish on the top. The legs are decorative but fairly plain. With the use of an OZ-Vice , a bit of wood glue followed up with some fine sanding and a coat of high quality sealer the job should be fairly straightforward.

Antique furniture restoration has many of the same requirements as conventional furniture however a higher degree of detail is required to avoid devaluing the item. This can involve sourcing timber to match an existing piece or researching old methods of sealing timber like French polishing and such that have emerged over the centuries. Its recommended to seek the counsel of a professional antique dealer or antique restorer before attempting repairs to them so you get a clear idea of what may be required.

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