Woodworking Bench Vise

Amongst the many more prominent tools for woodworking is the humble bench vice. Generally used for clamping timber in place while being worked or while a glue seam dries. Woodworking often requires a number of specialist vices and clamps to perform a range of tasks that would be difficult or near impossible to perform without them.

The  OZ-Vice By Bench Pro  can fulfil many of these requirements in a single unit. With its quick release vice head (moving end), its easy to adjust for varying sized jobs. The heads also provide dual clamping positions; flush with the base (lower jaws) and in the upper jaw section. This makes jobs like framing and joining considerably easier since both items can be gripped tightly in the bench vice at the same time. The top of the jaw grips slightly earlier than the lower portion making it easier to adjust the job before fully tightening and ensuring adequate pressure is maintained at both clamping points of the vise heads.

Good woodworking results require good quality tools for woodworking. With the OZ-Vice as your general purpose woodworkers bench vise you will be able to perform a wide range of jobs on a wide range of materials without having to have a large range of speciality vices on hand all the time. OZ-Vice is a good quality quick release vice with a comprehensive range of attachments and adapters to fulfil the needs of many jobs you encounter.

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