Discount Woodworking Tools

Woodworking tools for sale! Save big on the OZ-Vice by BenchPro at the Courier Mail Home Show in Brisbane, 27th Feb 2014 to 2nd March 2014

Discount woodworking tools are commonplace during festive times of year. Woodworking tools for sale can mean small or massive savings on a product. The savings on the Portabl OZ-Vice are truly massive during this festive season making it a great time to get the ultimate gift for woodworkers. A portable universal bench vice that does the job of a conventional bench vice, a flush mount bench vice, a panel clamp and turning centre vice in one streamlined unit.

I use the OZ-Vice by Bench Pro regularly for a range of jobs including woodwork. Some of the features I find to be very helpful are the quick release moving vice jaw to allow adjusting the jaw span of the bench vice rapidly before clamping the material. When working with a range of different sized materials its a must-have feature and is included with the Bench Pro Vice kit. The supplied jaw covers are also indispensable when working with different densities of material, without bruising or marking from the vice heads. The other primary feature that I use often is the double clamping abilities of the vice jaw. A lot of my work is done using only the lower clamping surface so the material being worked can lay flat on the workbench. Using the lower and upper clamping parts of the jaws in combination is also great for corner joins where two or more pieces need to be held in place at the same time.

Last but not least is the end stop, which comes in handy for a range of jobs both with and without the OZ-Vice . If anyone has had to cut multiple pieces of timber to the same length you will know how tedious the marking out can be, let alone the chance of an error; particularly when marking out multiple cuts on a piece of timber incrementally. I’ve encountered a range of solutions to this age old problem. The best are always in high production workshops; however at home its usually not that well supplied with tools or as organised since jobs are usually smaller and vary greatly. The OZ-Vice end stop does make an excellent solution for around the home and work-site jobs where portability is most important.

Using the end stop merely as a measuring stop is only a small part of what it can do. Combined with the OZ-Vice  it can be used as a panel clamp for holding down large sheets of material; you are only limited by the size of your workbench. In combination with the bench vice and turning centres you can also work on long items like table legs and banister rails, up to the length of your workbench or working surface (see the product demonstration for more information).

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